Business failure – why do businesses fail?

Have you ever really contemplated that question? Have you ever thought about what the top 5 reasons are in response to the question why do businesses fail? What do you think the top #1 reason is for why businesses fail? (Read more…)

Complying with the Companies Act – website checklist

It’s easy to forget that if you have a business website, you must comply with Companies Act, we nearly did !! so we created this checklist which you might find useful as a reference too. Remember that the information doesn’t have to be on every single website page (though this may be easier to do), it […]

How v1 was created

In the beginning there was the need to employ a graphics designer, spend hours explaining what the brief was, liaise with a website developer who rarely spoke the same language and after days and weeks with the help of some unknown programming language and code, some magic, hey presto a website was born and it […]

When is a company no longer a start-up?

I’ve just been musing on when is a startup no longer a startup? The definition on wiki is rather vague defining it as: ‘a recently formed company’ Is it ….. when the founder(s) get VC funding / list on a stock exchange / earn out and exit ? after x years where x cannot be greater […]

Are you any good at pitching?

And nope, unfortunately I’m not talking about baseball, but business. Are you any good at pitching a business idea? Picture this popular ‘MBA like’ scene…. “You’re at work, hired as a hotshot MBA graduate and you’re impatiently waiting for the express lift (elevator), the doors open, no-one’s inside so you step in and press the […]