Using the rails rake toolset

Programming is like art, its a creation. I create, but I’m not always sure what I’m creating! I start with an idea, sketch it out on a piece of A5 (normally a few words, pictures and reminders) and then go for it. Some might call that PPP (piss poor planning). In rails terms, that means […]

Oh Rails Developer, where art thou?

Hunting Recession? What recession? Its always a challenge to find good developers no matter what the programming/scripting language is. I’ve found that good Rails developers based in the UK are very short on supply and in extreme high demand. Trying to find an experienced (2+ years) developer to come and work for you full-time is like gold […]

Learning Rails

I’m sure that all of us in our lifetime have tried to learn a language whether it be a spoken dialect, work terminology, or a programming language. And there are several ways aren’t there? There’s the nice structured way, perhaps in a classroom? Paint by numbers, the self-taught option using a book, the web, a […]