When is a company no longer a start-up?

I’ve just been musing on when is a startup no longer a startup? The definition on wiki is rather vague defining it as: ‘a recently formed company’ Is it ….. when the founder(s) get VC funding / list on a stock exchange / earn out and exit ? after x years where x cannot be greater […]

What defines a company as a startup?

During my efforts to research what defines a startup, I came across loads more definitions but thought I would just share these two with you. The first definition, startups.co.uk, a site run by Crimson Business, an information media company (presumedly because entrepreneurs are too busy with their own business to put a site together?). On their startup 100 page, their definition […]

Guess the Web 2.0 company

Ever wondered how many Web 2.0 companies there are?  Hundreds! Check out this <a title=”Web 2.0 companies listing” href=”http://www.go2web20.net/” target=”_blank”>website </a>which lists the majority if not all Web 2.0 companies – categorised and recognisable (or not) by their logos along with a short summary.

Is two the magic number for a startup?

At the moment I fall into the ‘one founder’ category which is particularly challenging as I have no business partner to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off, and share the ups and downs. On top of this, I’m not a web developer so I’m not really a one (wo)man band. A distinct disadvantage when trying to […]

Where are all the other UK web based startups?

They do exist, but its not that easy to find out about them. It’s like the world’s best kept secret and I keep on stumbling onto them. Mainly through TechCrunchUK. I am starting to wondering if they only crop up when they want to do some PR of their own or suddenly pop onto the […]