10 ways to self-promote oneself

//10 ways to self-promote oneself

10 ways to self-promote oneself

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You can self-promote yourself by:

  1. Use your own name, turn it and yourself into a brand. Better yet, change your name to something unique and catchy.
  2. Comment on other peoples’ articles and take an aggressive stance while self-promoting!
  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete and up-to-date including the latest buzz words
  4. Attend a ‘how to sell’ course
  5. Stand in front of the autobiography section of a bookstore or library and speed read as many as you can for ‘self-branded’ people from all walks of life
  6. Wear jeans, grow a beard (wear a fake one if you can’t), and have straggly hair – guess who?
  7. Guest speak at conferences, lectures, and dinners
  8. Get a makeover. Wear bright colour clothes, shades, and don’t forget the bling
  9. Refer to yourself in the third person
  10. Ensure that you use your same, best photo everywhere – a happy, smiling, tanned self…. make yourself younger (or older for that distinguished look)

Disclaimer – I’m not advocating these ways, they are just options to consider, each has its pros and cons. Some are more serious than others, but which?

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