Go! 2 weeks into the new era…

//Go! 2 weeks into the new era…

Go! 2 weeks into the new era…

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… has me wondering how much longer I can call a new era, new?

What’s been happening? A LOT. 

Very hands on. Learning what software is all about these days and mucking in. Sharp learning curve with all the new tooling. Constant tweaks everywhere including revamping all the graphics currently on the website and remodelling the data behind the scenes.

Our first official sale! Thank you (you know who you are). Okay, it’s 1 space on a training course that still needs to be paid for, it’s a start. Now is it repeatable, can we cut costs and automate it more and will it end up being part of our Minimal Viable Product (MVP)?!

The website has undergone massive change both in looks and content. Partly thanks to feedback from others that has been invaluable and partly due to minds changing. Actually splashed out on $25 worth of stock images.

New tooling is great; why didn’t we have it years ago! Using a mixture of Asana, github, slack, gimp, mailchimp to name but a few which all helps keep organised and have pretty graphics.

I stepped outside my comfort zone and gave a standup talk in the evening to 50 people about innovation and entrepreneurship that we achieved with RingGo. Very enjoyable only because I spent a whole evening practising my speech by writing it out in full and then doing crib notes. Looking forward to the feedback.

Current obsessions two weeks in

Beginning to understand broadly how the provider / training market works (or at least I think so).  Where is the revenue going to come from?

Obsessing about to create longer-term value that can be partly realised in the shorter-term.

To fund or not to fund is the BIG question.

How to make the most of August and go mad on data.

Surveys; worth doing? Will it create leads or will everyone simply ignore?


Summing it up: How to work smarter and not only harder.

Score:  10/10

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