6 must read books for business owners

//6 must read books for business owners

6 must read books for business owners

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Must read books so make sure that they are sitting in easy reach. And if they aren’t dog eared or highlighted through then you’re not using them enough, even if they are digital ebooks!

1. What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School – Mark H. McCormack


I was lucky to be given this book years ago – the original red cover edition. This book is not to be confused with a book released in 2010 with the opposite title.

Instead, this is a classic, must-read book, written years ago by the founder of IMG (Internal Management Group , who manage sport talent). Its still very valid today and should be on the reading list of everyone in business and especially those on MBA courses.


2. How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis

How rich do you think you are? Great table rating levels based on cash in the very start. You might find it depressing when you discover where you’re at in the table. Highly entertaining throughout, includes the ups and downs of starting and running businesses. Contains gems that are worth remembering (youth matters!).


3. ReWork – Jason Fried
reworkA quick read. How to go about software development and gives you a different perspective on work itself whilst simplifying the way of working to produce results. Written by 37Signals who have done great things over the last decade that make work, admin and communication easier all round.



4. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to be Great Instead of Big – Bo Burlingham

small giants
Proof that not all businesses have to have thousands of employees and turnover billions. Instead, the focus is on social responsibility, being part of the local community and making a difference is what all these companies are about, and they are happy! 🙂


5. The Entrepreneur’s Book of Checklists – Robert Ashton

A long title but a very handy reference book. I use it to remind me of those items that I should be thinking about, there’s always something worth checking. Hopefully a new edition with added content will be out soon. A must for every budding and professional who is or has plans to start up their own business.


6. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Yup, sorry people this made the list. Kiyosaki (the ultimate salesman who people either love or hate) made ‘keeping up with the Jones’ a bad thing. Makes the p&l / balance sheet easy to understand (could have been done as a short article) so if you can do ‘the tool’ personally than why not for business too? The ultimate test: Is a house an asset or liability?

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