Are you any good at pitching?

//Are you any good at pitching?

Are you any good at pitching?

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And nope, unfortunately I’m not talking about baseball, but business. Are you any good at pitching a business idea?

Picture this popular ‘MBA like’ scene….

“You’re at work, hired as a hotshot MBA graduate and you’re impatiently waiting for the express lift (elevator), the doors open, no-one’s inside so you step in and press the 32nd floor button. The doors begin to close and someone grabs one side of the closing doors and slides in just before the doors slam shut. You realise its the CEO. Gulp. Don’t forget to breathe. You have two minutes to pitch your new business idea before the doors open on the 32nd floor, oh and pray that no-one pressed for the lift on the way up!”

Could you pull off the pitch?

Right now I know that I couldn’t pitch inkscroll successfully. The CEO would kick me out on the 2nd floor, make me walk up to the 32nd floor, clear out my desk and take the stairs back down, accompanied by a couple of large bouncers in case I was going to make a run for it!

The reason why I wouldn’t be successful right now is that inkscroll hasn’t yet crystalised, its going through a zillion iterations and feature changes (some might call this scope creeping). Frankly, I haven’t been brave enough to try out my pitch on a number of people, take on board feedback and rehearse it over and over again. I need to start doing this soon in order or else its going to come out as a complete mess.

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