EVA volleyball article posting rant

//EVA volleyball article posting rant

EVA volleyball article posting rant

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First impression, a great headline GB volleyball article called ‘GB Men Secure a Double Victory

So if you’re into vollyeball like I am, you read it (while thinking OMG we actually won!) then you discover that half the article is about the GB Men win and the other half is actually about the GB Women losing and its not even clear because it suddenly switches without any warning!  Check out this extraction from the article:

Coach Dragan Bozic added: “Our reception was better than yesterday but our attack did not play well. But this team has not been together very long and it is no surprise we have ups and downs in matches.”
Romania celebrated a double victory over Great Britain in Edinburgh, this time in straight sets (25-17, 25-13, 25-21) to improve their chances of reaching the Final Four. Head coach Bogdan Paul had stressed to his players that every set dropped could prove significant if they are to qualify for the Final Four and they responded.

Guess what, the second paragraph is refering to the GB Women’s game. Can you tell?! Not really, until you get to this part:

It was a dominant display against a GB team who could not scale the heights of Saturday when they made Romania battle for every point. There was a positive start from the home side with captain Lynne Beattie giving her side the lead for the first time in the match at 5:4 with a crosscourt hit.

Oh, a lady captain….

What gets me is why combine the two articles together? Why did they do that? I think the GB Women should have been a separate article. So we lost, what’s new?! That’s one of the beauty of sport. We need to rally around and support both the ladies and the men and those not so familiar with the sport won’t get confused/lost/annoyed.

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