The August lull has set in

//The August lull has set in

The August lull has set in

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Score: 8/10

Summing it up: Patience is a virtue that I need to work on.

This week seemed the slowest so far. It could be down to the unplanned mini working holiday week that I’ve had or because the focus has been on data gathering behind the scenes so nothing so really show off as a new feature on the website. Or, it’s August and height of the summer holiday.


  • Had a great lengthy conversation with someone who’s been working in the L&D space. Nice to see that I was up with most of the terminology, though much more desk research needed. Looks like attempts at centering learning around the individual, a portable portfolio for their lifetime, hasn’t quite been done yet.
  • First slide deck for traditional funding options drafted and under review (still humming and harring about this one).
  • Managed to get some data gathering and cleansing improvements done made it easier to maintain the quality of the data.


  • Quite a lot of start and stop along with task switching which just slows everything down somewhat.
  • Need to find those elusive prospects and customers. No sales this week. Need to fatten up the pipeline.
  • Product and other documentation not quite up-to-date so not smooth sailing as it should be on boarding new people.


A special thank you to Ines at Simply HR Consulting for letting me use her photo, perfection for August.

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