Become A Sales Commission Maximiser

Joanna Sales

Working in the fast-paced world of sales can be an intense but highly rewarding career path to choose. If you’re a money motivated individual then maximising your sales commission figures will help to quickly reach the upper echelons of your job’s earning potential.

Take a look through our handy guide to becoming a sales superstar below, and fast track your career in this enjoyable, financially rewarding role.

What Does A Sales Person Do?

The role of a sales person is ultimately to close new business that comes into the company by either generating new leads yourself or by working with leads that have been allocated to you.

You’ll need to make contact with these leads, either via telephone, e-mail or face to face depending on your working environment, present the benefits of your product or services, and encourage the customer to sign on the proverbial dotted line by making an order.

Since most sales roles will involve the individual dealing with many leads at the same time, you’ll need to make detailed notes through your CRM software or other note filing system. This will give you the tools to be able to refer back to previous conversations and use any key information to your advantage as your pursue the final sale.

Strong organisation is absolutely paramount to your future success in this role as you’ll often be required to make punctual call backs, secondary meetings, and even product demonstrations as you work through your company’s sales process. 

What Skills Do I Need To Maximise My Sales Commission?

course-searchThere are many different types of sales positions available, all with their own unique responsibilities, although the key skills required to succeed are transferable across multiple industries.

The sales environment that you work in will largely dictate your day to day duties. If you’re based in a call centre or mainly work via the telephone then you can expect plenty of internal sales meetings, inbound and outbound call backs. For field based sales, you’ll need to keep on top of your on-site appointments as cancellations and a lack of punctuality can severely damage your professional brand.

Either way, the importance of an excellent organisational skill set is essential. One missed call or meeting opens to the door for a competitor to step in and poach your client, particularly when selling products over a one or two stage process.

There’s plenty of truth to the age old saying that people buy people. First impressions really do last a lifetime and so presenting yourself in a smart, professional and friendly manner can help to quickly build rapport and trust.

Your sales commission targets will be made clear to you at the start of each week, month, quarter or year depending on its structure. Use this knowledge to your advantage as you prioritise your leads – there’s little point in relentlessly chasing a small commission customer who rarely answers if there are big deals to be had imminently.

Finally, know your product inside out. You’re not going to know the answer to every single question that your customer has, but being unable to provide juicy details about your product or service can break up the momentum of a sales pitch and dent the faith that your customer has invested in you and your business.

What Qualifications Can Help Me To Succeed In Sales?

There are many training courses available which are designed to suit specific sectors as well as the wider sales environment. Companies invest thousands upon thousands of pounds in order to get their sales talent up to scratch with new techniques being published all the time.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your lead flow or feel that your conversations aren’t quite up to scratch, then it’s a great idea to take a look at organisational and communication courses to improve these areas.

Similarly, if you’re transferring from a field sales role into a call centre position, you’re going to need to be able to convey your personality and product benefits without the advantage of body language and appearance. Explore the range of sales specific courses at Courses Dojo to improve your sales figures, working habits and interpersonal skill set.  Here are a few that you should consider:

Career Progression

Sales jobs offer some of the most generation commission packages available with the carrot of financial rewards used to drive stronger sales efforts. The type of product that you’re selling and the profit margins of the industry in general will play a major role in determining your remuneration and commission, but here’s a guide to what you can expect to earn from a sales role, using the insurance industry as an example:

Entry level sales – £18,000 + commission (OTE £30,000+)

Experienced sales – £25,000 + commission (OTE £50,000+)

Sales Manager £22,000 – £70,000

Sales director – £80,000+

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