How To Become A Successful Telesales Superstar

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In today’s fast paced business world, there are very few companies who are able to reach their full potential without a successful telesales team. Whilst leaflets, brochures, newsletters and other forms of physical marketing are able to pique the interest of prospective customers, it’s very rare that they are able to match the effectiveness of a direct, one on one telephone call.

Whether you’re a one man band looking to generate some additional sales leads for your business or are part of a large scale call centre network, mastering the art of telesales can help you to reap fantastic results and, ultimately, bigger commissions.

In this how to guide, we’ll take a look at what’s needed to carve out a successful telesales career along with some helpful advice on the sort of training courses that will help you to become the best sales person you can be.

What Is Telesales?

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but there are many common misconceptions about the role of a telesales agent. The ‘boiler room’ style call centres that first rose to prominence during the eighties are now few and far between with companies replacing the aggressive hard sell with a more service orientated approach.

Telesales is widely considered to be the quickest and most effective way of generating fresh leads and sales. It can include cold calling potential customers from a large set of data, contacting existing clients for repeat business, or actively responding to an enquiry that a customer has made.

Depending on the industry you work in and the product/service on offer, you may find that sales can be closed during the first conversation, however many businesses rely on your ability to nurture sales opportunities through multiple calls and other forms of correspondence.

Why Consider A Career In Telesales?

Working in telesales can be a hugely enjoyable environment for competitive, money motivated individuals. The financial rewards through commission-based earnings can be lucrative whilst the energy and buzz of a sales floor can be highly motivating in itself.

As the old saying goes, people buy people, and the job of a successful telesales agent is highly unlikely to be threatened by technological advancements any time soon. Although computer advances may threaten more laborious, data driven tasks in the workplace, the human to human interaction, relationship building, and ability to close a deal is a long way from being replaced.

As we’ve already mentioned, a huge proportion of businesses rely on talented telesales employees to drive profits and create new business opportunities. Once you’ve mastered the skills of pitching your products and services over the telephone, you shouldn’t have any problems finding work that relies on this sought after skill.

What you need to succeed

There are a number of key factors which will determine the success or failure of an individual working in telesales. Those who truly excel in this field must have a confident telephone manner – a trait which will allow you to retain control of the conversation and steer it in a direction that will ultimately lead to a sale.

Whilst the ability to speak confidently on your product or service is an obvious advantage, it’s equally important to be a great listener. It’s amazing how many opportunities are missed through a lack of attentive listening with the vast majority of people already formulating a response to the customer before they’ve even finished making their point. With no body language hints at hand and only a short amount of time to size up the type of customer you’re up against, it’s imperative that you listen out for every piece of information that’s available.

As well as being able to build quick rapport with your customer, it’s essential that you keep on top of your industry, product and service knowledge. Being able to quickly overcome customer objections and answer questions will help to promote you in a more professional light whilst increasing the confidence your prospect will have in your ability to provide them with what they want.

course searchStudying In Order To Have A Successful Career In Telesales

Although you can’t go to college or university to study telesales, there are plenty of progressive steps you can take to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Engaging in conversations with a wide range of people will help to nurture your own adaptability when faced with different personalities. Organisational skills are also incredibly important. Learning to manage your sales pipeline by keeping accurate customer notes as well as ensuring that you’re punctual with your call back times will increase your chances of successfully converting those leads into sales.

At Courses Dojo, you’ll be able to find a number of communication, organisational and industry-specific courses that will help to ensure you become a highly successful telesales superstar.

Career Progression And Salaries

The career progressions and salaries earned through telesales will largely depend on the type and quantity of the product or service that you’re offering. Below is an example career path for someone working within the personal insurance sector:

Lead Generation – £15k – £18k + commission (OTE £20k)

Telesales/Account Manager – £18k – £25k + commission (OTE £40k+)

Sales Manager – £25k – £40k + commission (OTE £60k+)

Sales Director – £50k – £80k + commission (OTE £100k+)

In Closing

If you can master the art of telesales then you’ll always be in high demand. There are plenty of jobs available within this sector and the financial rewards are fantastic. The dynamic, high energy environment can provide you with a real buzz, plus chasing commission-based targets is a great motivator for those who want to earn big bucks!

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