Making A Career In Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is one of the most exciting and challenging modern career paths. The online world has opened up new opportunities for businesses to reach global audiences, and at the heart of it are teams of marketers who make it possible. As more marketing budgets are transferred to the digital world, countless jobs are becoming available for those who have the skills to meet the demands. Here we show you to kickstart your career in digital marketing.

What Does Digital Marketing Involve?

The term ‘digital marketing’ refers to a broad range of digital methods which are used to market a product or service to online and mobile audiences. Digital marketing can refer to any or all of the following methods:

  • SEO – the process of ranking websites and landing pages higher on the search engine results for key terms.
  • Blogging and content marketing – the creation of regular content to attract audiences, increase visibility, and ultimately convert viewers to buyers.
  • Web design and development – creating and maintaining client websites, developing apps and features, and optimizing for both reader and search engine.
  • Email marketing – encouraging the audience to sign up to email notifications, generating leads, and using email lists in order to build brand reputation and sell products.
  • Social media marketing – every business now needs to be connected to the world of social media. Marketers are responsible for company social media updates and image.
  • PPC advertising – creating paid advertising campaigns for websites and businesses in order to generate relevant traffic and potential leads.

If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, it is your job to use one or more of the above methods in order to improve a company’s digital presence and effectiveness in the online sphere, which is often demonstrated using digital metrics and analysis. Your role is to increase your client’s traffic and online visibility, build brand image and trust, convert readers to buyers, make sales, and ultimately increase profits.

Specialize or generalize?

One of the biggest questions you will have to ask yourself when beginning your career in digital marketing, is what you want to specialize in, and whether you want to specialize at all. We would recommend that you start out by learning many different aspects of digital marketing, and then work on developing the ones that you naturally enjoy or excel at.

For example, you may find that you excel in copywriting, or social media, or web design. If you are a manager at heart, you may want to run a complete digital marketing agency, in which case you can learn all of the skills at a general level, and employ experts in each to work on your team. It’s all up to you, and once you get started you will find that many of the methods are linked and flexible.

If you decide to take up a career in digital marketing, you can find work as a freelancer with your own clients, or as an in-house digital marketer with a specific company, or as part of an agency which deals with multiple clients.

How To Develop Your Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is a newly emerging career path, and the good news is you don’t yet need any formal qualifications in order to be successful. You can work for yourself, or find a place at an agency or company, simply by demonstrating your skills and values to potential clients.

The bottom line is, you need to be really good at what you do. To become top of your game, you will need to dedicate a lot of time and energy to learning and growing your skillset:

  • Read everything you possibly can about digital marketing, follow experts in your niche, watch videos, and absorb high-quality information as often as possible.
  • Continue to practice developing your skills in one or more area. If you want to work in content marketing, start writing your own blog, if you want to work on SEO, practice ranking your own websites.
  • Take courses that can help you to develop and fine-tune your skills so that you are ready to apply them professionally such as Advanced Digital Marketing,  Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing courses.
  • Apply for jobs or try to gain clients, either as a freelancer working alone or as part of a team, or as an employed digital marketer working for a company or an agency.
  • Develop your online presence and portfolio to build connections and showcase your finest work. If you manage to scoop some clients, showcase your results on your social media or website.
  • Deliver high quality, data-driven work to your clients, so that your cement your reputation and advance your career in digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing is forever changing. What works today might not work tomorrow, and certain techniques will work best when applied to certain industries. You should always keep learning if you want to be at the top of your game.


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