We list all the nitty gritty details here of what's been released.
For a look ahead, read our roadmap.

0.5.16 7 August 2022
New Link a role to original vacancy job description [Career]
Improved Base salary can now be stored. [Career]

0.5.15 7 March 2022
Improved Make it harder for crawlers so they can't get vacancy details [Job Board]
Fixed Fixed 404 page error when clicking on moment image [Moments]

0.5.14 31 January 2022
New Introduced an Company view to clearly distinguish between personal and company [Applications]
Improved Role information can now be edited and updated [Career]
Fixed An onboarding skip issue [Onboarding]

0.5.13 21 January 2022
New User can now see their last 3 roles and dates for quick reference [Applications]
Improved Basic search feature for job title and description now available [Job Board]
Improved A jobseeker can now add their current role [Onboarding]
Fixed Application record updates are now saved correctly [Applications]

0.5.12 14 January 2022
New Initial release of Qualify to Apply features [Qualify to Apply]
Improved Improved job title and location checks for data consistency [Applications]

0.5.11 4 January 2022
New An onboarding process for jobseekers and thankful people now available for new users [Onboarding]
New Users can now store role details along with supporting statements [Roles]

0.5.10 3 December 2021
Fixed A new information snippet no longer causes server error when it is added [Applications]
Improved Creating a new application is now more slick as it involves 3 less clicks by the user [Applications]

0.5.9 26 November 2021
New Show open jobs count when viewing company details [Applications]
Improved Job board filters are now a dropdown list instead of a loooong list of tags (props: Alexis) [Applications]
Improved Improved Timings per stage section details [Applications]
Improved Added message if no persona details stored (props: Harry) [Profile]
Fixed Made sure when adding a certification that the badge host value can be cleared (props: David) [Talents]

0.5.8 19 November 2021
New You can now indicate which round of interviewing you're on and what action is expected next [Applications]
Improved Invitations now visible to other group members [Groups]
Improved Image sizes up to 5MB are now supported [Profile] [Moments]
Improved Display institution name for certification for group view [Talents]
Improved Language now shows proficiency level in group view [Talents]
Improved Adding new cert will auto-populate institution if known [Talents]
Improved Adding a new food preference now has a filterable drop-down list - no more endless scrolling! [Traits]

0.5.7 12 November 2021
New Introduced Concierge Services where we do your admin on your behalf
Improved Job listings are now paginated [Job Board]
Improved Who can see the added moment now explained (props: David) [Moments]
Improved Edit profile form shows which fields are mandatory (props: Luc) [Profile]

0.5.6 08 November 2021
New You can now see who's looking at your profile scroll and generate sharing codes [Scroll]
Improved Use of group visibility settings for Moments more clear (props: Luc) [Groups]
Improved Replaced tag icon with folder as apparently the tag icon looks like a coffin! (props: Jonny) [Moments]

0.5.5 05 November 2021
New Sharing our metrics to everyone
New Added more culture information for companies [Job Board]
Improved Vacancy info better presented in tabs [Job Board]

0.5.4 28 October 2021
New Added support for OpenBadges digital certs starting with Credly [Talents]
New Added job application statistics [Applications]
Improved The default user profile view is now a scroll :) [Scroll]
Improved Re-styled Group Members page [Groups]
Improved Show sender of imported Moment and to whom when viewing in a Group [Moments]

0.5.3 22 October 2021
Improved Tags are now categorised as we are using them in more places [Moments] [Job Board]

0.5.2 10 October 2021
New Users can now track their job applications [Applications]

0.5.1 13 August 2021
New Introduced a periodic update email to users
Improved Chose nicer emojis for Moments [Moments]
Fixed Lots of buglets squashed thanks to user feedback

0.5 11 July 2021
New Initial prototype release