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PTP Training & Marketing, PTP – Practical Training for Professionals, have been delivering practical, hands-on training courses to professionals in the UK since 1991. PTP Training & Marketing provide training course in several formats: in-house training, on a 1-2-1 basis or as public courses in more venues in the UK than anyone else including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester and over 50 other venues.

PTP deliver training in the following key areas:

  • Customer Care Training
  • Finance & Planning Training
  • Management Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • Sales & Marketing Training

We limit all our courses to a maximum of 10 delegates but often we run with much smaller groups. In exceptional circumstances, we will run with just 1 delegate but we will contact the delegate to see if they would like this 1-2-1 training (usually at no extra cost) or if they wish to postpone until the next scheduled date.

Reviews 26

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    Attended a 1 day negotiation skills course in November 2017. Very useful course with some solid and practical takeaways. Would recommend.

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    My colleagues attended the Building Confidence and Assertiveness course. They found the content really useful and have recommended the course for other colleagues within the business.

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    Overall the Report Writing course was good. The tutor was knowledgeable. However, the instruction they gave me before the course was not very clear for example they requested “Delegates have the option to work up a report of their own during the day so it would be useful if they could bring along an idea for a simple report. This can be anything at all – a project report, an update, a proposal etc.” which I did in USB stick but there was no laptop. They meant to take the copy of report which was not mentioned anywhere.

    The only thing which would have made the course much better was showing us the example of few reports but the tutor had none to show us as an example. The whole course was theory based.

    Overall though, it was a good training session and I did find the course useful and gained some knowledge out of the course.

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  6. Great Course with a great trainer.

    The trainer gave great insight into the world of selling and completely changed my perception of what it means to sell a product.

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    I would recommend PTP for the ‘coaching and mentoring course.’ This session was not part of a large group which meant we received one-to-one guidance/training and was able to put a personal action plan in place. We learnt various management techniques, how to give feedback effectively, how to handle sensitive situations and how to overcome barriers to performance.

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    Really useful training course looking at Managing Change. The content was tailored to meet my needs and I went away with a clear action plan for how to effectively work through change with my team.

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    Brilliant course on interpreting financial statements. If I’m honest I was apprehensive that I’d be able to understand the subject matter but Tracey made the course so clear and engaging I’d recommend it to anyone! The stories and real life examples really brought the subject to life and Tracey really listened to the delegates and tailored it to our needs. Even though we all had very different levels of financial understanding we all got what we needed from the course. Thanks Tracey!

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    Thoroughly enjoyed Key Selling Skills course, gave me some new ideas for approaches to clients and key phrases, Certainly made me think about the way I make my approach to potential clients. Thank you!