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Advanced iOS App Development (Swift) is the only course of its kind that offers detailed training to enterprise app development level with a formal certification exam and certificate at the end. Our fast-paced and hands-on course quickly equips you with skills in the language, the tools, and the frameworks giving you deep insight into their underlying mechanisms.

Our development courses are all taught by developers who have coded and developed real world apps themselves.

The course has been designed to follow straight on from ‘iOS App Development – The Fundamentals‘, but is also ideal for mid-level developers who want to formalise their learning and gain certification.

Advanced iOS App Development covers the key areas most commonly used in creating an deploying business or enterprise apps. The instructor covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Accessing data on backend office systems using internet standards like JSON and RSS
  • Access iPhone native apps using appropriate frameworks
  • Securing data
  • Working with location data
  • Database access, including core data and SQLite
  • Social media integration
  • Animating views
  • Deployment

Following this course you will be able to take the Amsys Certification in Advanced Development using Swift exam. No matter what your business is, this course will help you build great apps for your users.

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