Continuous Integration using Jenkins


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Automate your development-deployment process with Jenkins and learn how to build a sustainable Continuous Integration system for your application to optimise your productivity and avoid production crises.

This course from DevOps Pro is designed to give participants the knowledge to be able to use the Jenkins system to remove human error from a number of procedures which are needed to be taken when application execution occurs – compiling, uploading to a production environment, building the code and running QA tests. Manually making the changes that are needed in the code can not only take time, but can also lead to these human errors – using the wrong version, not running the correct tests or a mistake in the upload process. This can lead to production crises and late deployment.

Jenkins has the ability to take all of these procedures out of human hands and into automatic pilot mode. This means that Jenkins will be able to identify the latest versions of an application, and run all of the processes and tests while ‘humans’ can get on with other tasks. This will give control over the development process, with warnings being available to alert and avoid potential crises before they can happen.

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