Creativity and Innovation (1 day course)

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What is creativity and why is it important? Let’s start with the most common misconception, you do not have to be ‘off the wall’ or ‘wacky’ to be creative. Naturally artists and people who work in the creative industries tend to exercise their creative muscles more than most but all they have done is continue to pursue in their careers what comes naturally. We are all born creative, after all if you want to find the most creative people in the world all you have to do is visit a playground! Sometimes however as we grow up we find ourselves conditioning out mind-set to subscribe to the norms set by others around us. If we choose to accept and believe others who tell us ‘It’s always been done that way’, ‘that will never work’, ‘they’ll never accept that’etc then no wonder people begin to resist their natural urge to dream, test new ideas and push the envelope. Of course it is essential for our very existence to think in a logical manner. Many of us like to get down to brass tacks rather than play around in the clouds but at times opening the mind to possibilities is the best way forward.

“The trouble is, those that only consider brass tacks don’t always look at the copper tacks, or the steel tacks or the brass rivets.” Roger Von Oech

Creativity is a prerequisite of innovation and without innovation there simply is no future. At the conclusion of this course you will have genuinely surprised yourself at the level of creativity you possess. You will learn a series of simple, fun and proven techniques for being creative that have been used by (amongst many others) the Walt Disney Corporation, Pizza companies to design new pizzas & even the makers of the TV series ‘The Lone Ranger!’

This Creativity and Innovation (2 Day Course) course is available throughout the UK.

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