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High Impact Essential Management Training. A two day programme where the content can be tailored to specific requirements.

Because the specific need of every organisation and their new managers is unique, this manager or supervisor training programme has been written in such a way that it can be easily tailored to meet any precise operational requirements. The following course content should therefore be regarded as indicative; please talk to us about your specific needs:

  • Roles and responsibilities – understand the core purpose of a successful manager.
  • The core differences between manager and leader – identify with the skills and behaviours of a manager and a leader.
  • Management styles – define the core management styles and the impact these have on performance and team dynamics.
  • Effective communication skills – learn the art of effective listening and questioning and how to build rapport.
  • Performance management – get to the heart of performance management principles.
  • Energy and performance – connect energy levels and team climate to performance results.
  • Planning and organising – organise yourself and others through effective planning and prioritising.
  • Motivating others – inspire and motivate those around you to deliver exceptional results.
  • Energy investment – assess current energy investment and agree the impact on individual and team performance.
  • Delegation and empowerment – adopt techniques to enable the growth and development of your people through effective empowerment and delegation.
  • Objective setting – learn how to set SMART goals and create a clear line of sight to the business objectives.
  • Coaching and feedback – apply the GROW model and become a truly great coach.
  • Emotional intelligence – define the five elements of emotional intelligence and how to apply them.
  • Understanding team dynamics – reveal the key behavioural preferences and adapt your style to that of others for the best results.
  • Managing peak and poor performance – handle the expected and the unexpected and develop talent within your team.
  • Development reviews – conduct effective development reviews to improve individual and overall performance.
  • Effective team meetings – deliver motivational team meetings focused on a common goal.


Reviews 11

  1. Very engaging

    Very engaging course. Liam was very knowledgeable and the course was very interactive. He answered all of our questions and tailored it for our company. I would have preferred to do another day as it felt like we had a 2 day course jammed into 1 day. But that is more of a complaint of my company rather than the training course

  2. Beccie was very clear and always answered any questions we had about our own line of work. She also gave us very good tips and processes that I can use to improve my teams motivation and work.

  3. The course is not overly complicated and keeps things simple. I was concerned it would be cheesy and corporate, but our instructor was so good at making everything easy to understand and digest.

  4. Very well explained. Easy to understand. Becky was always answering questions we had about issues that have happened within teams or management.

  5. Beccie! What could have been a really corporate and boring two days was actually really engaging and the information felt really relevant and practical.

  6. The interaction and collaborating across the whole group. As the group wasn’t too big, it helped to go into lots of detail.

  7. Liam is a very good presenter and keeps your attention. He is also very personable and is more than happy to answer any

  8. I found Liam knowledgeable, approachable, and his delivery style very effective. I look forward to the rest of the programme.

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