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Many business decisions are made which are based on, or have a major impact on, the finances. The aim of this one-day course is to provide managers with awareness and basic understanding of the way finance affects their business objectives.

The content is delivered in an easy-to-understand way, speaking your language and enabling you to understand the financial way of seeing things as well as giving you practical opportunities.

During the day you will learn to read the accounts, understand the terminology, be able to influence and control your key financial measurements, targets and budgets – all from an operational management perspective. The programme enables to you gain confidence in developing financial negotiations, participate in meetings where the finances are being discussed, build your own budgets, monitor your budgets and take a more active role in the financial aspects of the organisation.

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    I recently attended the Finance for Non Finance Managers course which I found both informative and enjoyable, delivered in an adaptable and informal way by the trainer. The small group situation helped us work through relevant subjects for our organisations and achieve our desired learning outcomes, by tailoring the course to suit our needs. I would recommend this course for managers who need a full and general overview of finance terminology and processes.

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