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Get access to a bundle of certification and skills courses. This course bundle contains 17 courses, which are normally priced at £89 or more on their own. By purchasing this bundle, you can save a fortune on your learning costs. Our bundles are the smartest way to boost your career skills! 

Human Resources (HR) forms a valuable component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. HR responsibilities among other things, include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with tax laws. Unlike Office Administration, HR requires a great deal more insight and consideration into legislation, regulations, and operations. It typically requires a person to possess a degree of organisational and managerial capability.

If you’re considering moving into the world of HR or are already working in this field and want to build up your skills portfolio, then you should seriously take a look at this course bundle.

The course bundle contains a variety of core skills an HR person is likely to utilise in their job role at some point, such as equality and diversity in the workplace, dealing with grievance issues, alcohol and drugs awareness in the workplace, and performance management.

The bundle also covers an advanced certification level course on Microsoft Office 2013. This course focuses on Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint. These are fairly standard tools an experienced HR person might expect to have, and of extreme value to those looking to break into HR.

The Microsoft Office Specialist is a globally recognised qualification. Having a Microsoft Office Specialist certification on your CV demonstrates that you have gained the necessary expertise to competently use Microsoft applications, giving you a competitive advantage when job hunting as well as in the workplace. It will significantly increase your confidence, skills and employability. It will serve to objectively validate your IT skills and assist in your advancement in your chosen career. Each certificate is a qualification in its own right – so you can take just one, or as many as you like.  For instance, you can choose to become a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word or Excel or PowerPoint… or all of them if you choose.

Microsoft refers to the Office Specialist certification as the “only comprehensive, performance-based certification program approved by Microsoft to validate desktop computer skills”.

What’s in the bundle? 

This bundle contains 5 separate Microsoft Office certification courses and 12 Human Resources skills courses, that each lead to a certificate of completion. These certificates validate your skills in each area to current and prospective employers.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-418: Word 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-420: Excel 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-422: PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-423: Outlook 2013
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-424: Access 2013

Human Resources Skills Courses:

Course Title

Course Description

Alcohol & Drugs Awareness

This course covers the problems surrounding the abuse of legal and illegal substances in the workplace, as well as understand policy and overseeing disciplinary procedures.

Managing Disciplinary Issues

Designed to assist Managers, including HR personnel understand the theory behind the disciplinary process and procedures. This course will also explain how to effectively manage conduct issues in confidence, thereby reducing potential embarrassment to an employee.

Managing Attendance

Designed to help Managers, including HR personnel understand the Sickness Absence Policy and Process, and to confidently manage attendance issues in a supportive way.

Dealing with Grievance Issues

Aimed at managers, including Human Resources personnel, this course teaches you how to deal with grievance issues, both on a formal and informal basis.

Equality & Diversity Foundation

Equips staff at all levels, especially HR personnel with the understanding and skills to implement equality and diversity, as well as community cohesion strategies in their own work environment and across their institutions.

Written Communication

This e-learning course is about communicating appropriately within the workplace. Although it mainly concentrates on written communication, there is additional information to enable a prospective HR person to look at communication holistically.

Health & Safety Induction

All employees are usually required to complete the Health and Safety (H&S) at Work course as part of their 6 month’s induction programme. As an HR person, you will most likely be responsible for administering this type of course and overseeing its application in the workplace. Therefore it is imperative you are familiar with the rules and regulations of H&S.

Office Safety / Ergonomics

This course teaches an HR person how to correctly setup a workstation as well as carry out an ergonomic assessment – which is important to know to ensure employees minimize long-term injuries in the workplace.

IT Security

This course teaches best practices of IT Security in the workplace, understanding company policy when it comes to Network Eavesdropping, applying protective measures, identifying threats to employee passwords, and how to minimize cyber attacks. The course also looks at malware. Specifically what it is, why it’s a threat to IT Security, how to recognize it, and how to minimize data breaches.

General Security

This course will equip any prospective HR person with a greater understanding of security threats, as well as recognising the various types and consequences of a breach in company security.

Data Protection Act

Through this course, you will be introduced to the Data Protection Act (DPA), the terminology used in the Act and how to apply it to your workplace. An absolute ‘must’ if you are working with sensitive data, such as employee and customer records.

Managing your Digital Footprint

This course defines the ‘Digital Footprint’ and then goes on to list the dangers associated with Social Media use. The course also covers how to conduct an online audit and offers help in resolving any identified problems. An excellent course for HR personnel to know how to minimize damage to their company’s reputation through employee social media use.

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