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Our intensive training courses are the ideal solution for those having behaviour or training issues. Your dog will come to stay with us at one of our UK wide centres for an intensive period of training, working one on one with one of our professional trainers. By removing the dog out of its every day comfort zone, our trainers can work to deal with the root cause of the problem and find the best way to deal with it. Every dog is different and as such, our trainers use a variety of positive measures to achieve the results you need. During its stay, each dog is allocated a specific trainer who will keep you in contact with regular updates. This person becomes your direct contact for advise and tips, even after your dog is back home with you. Inline with our program, ever dog that has trained with us, leaves with a lifetime of support to ensure long lasting effective results.


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    'Pop'tastic Thanks Jordan!!

    In all honesty we entrusted our young border terrier to Jordan at ADK9 in hope more than expectation. Lovely dog, intelligent and friendly, just a bit bonkers and with a new found enthusiasm for chasing flocks of birds possibly never to return. Jordan was encouraging and at the same time keen to manage our expectations; walking to heel achievable, recall the most challenging. And so we left Bert in Jordan’s capable hands for two weeks. And whilst missing Bert also wondered if the feedback and videos Jordan sent through demonstrating Bert’s improved behaviour, might translate in to a lasting change in behaviour (of owner and dog). On our return Jordan was at pains to explain what he’d been doing with Bert and how he’d progressed in our absence. Jordan then offered us a quick ‘display case of Bert walking to heel and with our involvement, allowing him off on an extended lead – different dog! What had we been doing!! ADK9’s gift of a new collar used to encourage, reward good behaviour and offer a gentle ‘pop’ pull of the lead when Bert forgets his ‘lines’ was the icing on the cake. Suffice to say that Susie (my wife) is so impressed with the improvement in Bert’s behaviour that she’s looking for a ‘pop’ collar to bring me back in to line……….

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    Our springer spaniel olly became a real …

    Our springer spaniel olly became a real problem after being bitten by another dog when he,was a puppy. He was traumatised and left nervous/terrified of other dogs to the point it escalated into dog aggression. We literally couldn’t walk him without any incidents. We reached the point where we had run out of ideas to resolve the issues after trying behaviourists, speaking to the vet and trying training sessions which all failed, I found ADK9 by chance desperate to find a solution and they were literally our last hope. If this were to fail we would have to rehome him. Thank god we found ADK9 and JORDAN he spent one week with them and hes a totally different dog . They gave both the dog and us some much needed training, hes walked round clumber and even sat next to other dogs at the cafe without incident. I thought this was unachievable. My son walked him for the first time this weekend. You have literally saved olly and our family. Your patience, kindness and compassion shown to olly has saved him. We cant thank you enough and we highly recommend you.

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