The Power of Positive Thinking Course

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Half-day in house course for groups or teams

Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a ‘can do’ attitude within an individual, a team and an organisation. Unfortunately, negative thinking can also be infectious!

The Power of Positive Thinking course starts by understanding how negative thinking – in its many guises – creeps into both individuals and organisations. It then focuses on how to challenge negative thoughts and then how to replace them with positive thoughts that can be sustained.

The course recognises that although we are all different – and respond to the things around us differently – we all have the power to choose our thoughts. But in order to do that we need to understand how thoughts affect our behaviour and then learn how to control what we think and what we say.


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  1. It was a well presented course, our guest speaker very quickly got to understand the best style to communicate with the group (all male I must add) and did it very well indeed. Made it easy to understand.

  2. Very positive and energetic tutor. Kept things moving along at a good pace also added humour and fun to the day.

  3. The sections that were most helpful were the questionnaires and surrounding discussions that helped us to identify personality types and preferences of our colleagues so we can try and work more effectively together.

  4. Beccie, the tutor, was lovely, she made us feel really at ease. Interesting. Could have listened to Beccie all day!

  5. High level of participant involvement, good pace, well organised, good examples, good tie-in to practical situations.

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