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Presentation skills training for professionals who need to present effectively

The purpose of this presentations and speaking skills course is to develop your skills as a confident and powerful presenter, able to develop and sustain audience rapport by:

  • Understanding your audience – Develop your ability to sustain audience rapport and use the skills required to communicate in a memorable influential manner. Your audience will be judging you on how competently you deliver your message, not just on the message itself.
  • Confidence and delivery – You will learn simple and effective techniques to manage your state of mind and build your confidence when speaking in public.
  • Structuring your presentation – A good presentation needs to be memorable, impactful and meaningful, learning how to structure your presentation can achieve this.
  • Feedback –Becoming a master presenter is an ongoing learning process. The course has an effective system of feedback which will enable you to develop your current skills and practise your presentation techniques.

Reviews 34

  1. The participation and group discussion was excellent. It was a course you constantly learnt on without having to sit through slides. Tutor very professional throughout and excellent knowledge in the area.

  2. Excellent delivery by Toby and the quick improvement made by all participants from the first to the second presenters. Best course I have attended.

  3. Toby was an excellent trainer – he provided great tips and made everyone feel relaxed. Also a good mix of staff on the course to bounce ideas and feedback with.

  4. Makes you look at other aspects rather than just the words. Excellent tutor very engaging and knowledgeable – great teaching style.

  5. Pushed the boundaries to make the normal more productive. Tutor kept the course relaxed, reducing stress normally associated with this course.

  6. Friendly. Informative. Tutor Really good people skills. We need more people to attend the course as it covers more than just presentations well done

  7. I felt much more confident at the end of the day than at the beginning, and feel prepared with the tools to continue to work on and improve in the future.

  8. Really great tutor – led by example, got everyone talking, inspired you to do better, created a safe space for you to try things without feeling embarrassed!

  9. The tutor was fantastic – he was engaging without being overly earnest, and provided very useful feedback to everyone.

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