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A practical toolkit for effective thinking.

Our structured and critical thinking course provides a tool kit for tackling challenging situations systematically, thinking them through and swiftly considering all options. The structured and critical thinking skills will provide fresh insights and a better understanding of problems or challenges, making you better equipped to deal with them more effectively.

Do you need a highly tailored thinking skills course?

Our structured and critical thinking training course can be tailored to meet your very specific requirements.

What's Included

After you’ve attended

Many training companies only provide post course support in the form of course notes. Once you’ve attended this course we won’t forget you – we provide you with access to our EXCLUSIVE and FREE members’ website to remind you of what you’ve learnt. Our creativity post course section of the site contains helpful videos, downloads, checklists, hints and tips.

Reviews 25

  1. Interesting approaches to thinking and how best to approach both open discussions and focussed strategy development; booklets containing information were perfectly designed and tailored for a referential purpose.

  2. The content has a place in real life working, not like some courses where there isnt much that can be put into use.

  3. Quite precised summary as for half a day course; lots of valuable topics picked up by the trainer in quite short time slot.

  4. Persuading the attendees to question the way they think, and they way they approaching challenges.

  5. Tutor – a great communicator taking the audience through all the topics in structured way, clear communication, user friendly professional language.

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