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Successful recruitment, and, consequently, higher retention, results from a well-planned and effectively-managed interview process.

This interviewing skills course focuses on interviewers, helping to develop and improve their interview techniques. Attention to detail in the interview process is a vital ingredient to making a successful decision.

You will learn how to identify the exact type of person you are seeking to satisfactorily undertake the position. Much detail is given to planning and preparation and you will have several opportunities to carry out sample interviews. You are invited to bring an example of a job description with you.

The practicality of the course enables you to develop interviewing techniques through many live sessions. Relevance to up-to-date legislation is well considered along with an understanding of how interviewing fits into the overall recruitment process.

The course includes preparation techniques as well as listening and interpretation skills. The course also covers the issues of recording the interview and making the right decision.

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