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Making Appraisals Work For You

Is your team’s experience of appraisals a box-ticking exercise and waste of time? Is your view, as the person hosting the appraisal, that you need to get it done as quickly as possible, file it and tell HR you’re up to date?

Appraisals are a great opportunity to:

  • Give (and receive) constructive feedback.
  • Reflect on what went well…
    … and what could be better.
  • Motivate your team members.
  • Set objectives.
  • Plan future development.

As you are required to do appraisals, why not make the most of them?

This workshop provides all of the building blocks to hold a successful appraisal meeting – one that adds value to your staff member and to you – and shares a powerful framework for giving feedback as well as an effective model for setting personal development plans.

Course content: Half or one day in-house course

The techniques learned on this course are delivered through practical application.

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