Daily huddles are worth it

//Daily huddles are worth it

Daily huddles are worth it

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Daily huddles in the right safe, comfortable, supportive work environment are powerful.

What is a daily huddle?

Some SME companies, especially if they are people and project based (eg. design, marketing company) may do what’s known as a daily huddle – takes 5 minutes. It’s a standup thing where everyone quickly gathers around in a circle and fires through a pre-agreed topics list. Everyone comes prepared! Normally, there’s a compere who makes sure the huddle is quick, covers what’s needed and encourages everyone to participate.
A typical huddle topics list could be:
  1. Good news
  2. Any resource capacity issues?  (people, time, money)
  3. What is each person’s no.1 deliverable?
  4. Who needs help?
  5. The ‘Aha’ moment  (share statistics/future trends which could be business or random related!)

Why have a huddle?

  • It helps the team feel like a team as everyone knows what each other is doing and who can help whom
  • Bottlenecks can be quickly discovered and dealt with

Your actions:

  • Find out if a daily or weekly huddle works for you and helps with morale and teamwork
  • Choose someone other than you to compere

Variations on a daily huddle theme:

  • If a daily huddle is too much, do it weekly – I recommend at the start of the week
  • If you have remote people, get them to dial in / video conference in
  • From time to time change the location of the daily huddles
  • Change the compere each month

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