27 Feb, 2011

Are you any good at pitching?

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And nope, unfortunately I'm not talking about baseball, but business. Are you any good at pitching a business idea? Picture this popular 'MBA like' scene.... "You're at work, hired as a hotshot MBA graduate and you're impatiently waiting for the express lift (elevator), the doors open, no-one's inside so you [...]

23 Dec, 2010

10 ways to self-promote oneself

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You can self-promote yourself by: Use your own name, turn it and yourself into a brand. Better yet, change your name to something unique and catchy. Comment on other peoples' articles and take an aggressive stance while self-promoting! Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete and up-to-date including the [...]

16 Apr, 2009

Filing annual return rant

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Companies House charged me £15 to fill in my Annual Return form online?!!!  Ok, its £30 by paper and post but £10 for electronic? What do they do at their end? Probably click to review, read (all of 10 seconds), click to accept and oh, look at that all done. [...]

15 Apr, 2009

The joys of outsourcing

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In classic start-ups, there's a technologist (the code) and the manager (everything else). Unfortunately I'm the manager with no in-house technologist so I'm currently busy elancing (elance.com) a couple of projects and I'm amazed at the true nature of globalisation in action. I'm finding the responses very interesting and wide ranging. These responses [...]

8 Mar, 2009

What defines a company as a startup?

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During my efforts to research what defines a startup, I came across loads more definitions but thought I would just share these two with you. The first definition, startups.co.uk, a site run by Crimson Business, an information media company (presumedly because entrepreneurs are too busy with their own business to put a site [...]