A finger snapping week!

//A finger snapping week!

A finger snapping week!

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Summing it up:  Did someone snap their fingers and the week was instantly over?

Score: 10/10


After providing visitors to our website with the ability to see related content dynamically generated depending on what page they are looking it.  I’m proud to be able to follow up by releasing Path Finder, our first online tool helping individuals look at career path progression options.  It’s an alpha release, so early stage and will improve over time with the more use it gets. And we want to add more intelligent features to it over the coming months too.

An absolute highlight of the week was getting an enquiry via Twitter; a personal first for me and proof that social media does indeed work!

And on top of that, my first 5 whole days back-to-back of pure ‘get on with it’ with a good balance of ‘non-work’ activities in the evenings which included cycling very slowly up a very steep hill.  Anyway, back to work, it was a variety of activities ranging from putting on the hat of being a product owner then switching over to being a tester.  Then finding the marketing hat to finding contact information, preparing for the start of our marketing campaign with attempted wordsmithery (is that a word?) and doing the classic A/B/C/.., testing on emails. Getting articles lined up and published too, time consuming. Rounding the end of the week with finishing up with my strategy thinking hat on, doing a ton of desk research and running the numbers behind a seed investment slide deck which is now on draft 3.

Oh and I found a worthy competitor which makes this space even more interesting!


No downers on this particular rollercoaster ride other than waiting for people to come back from holiday, catch up with their emails before we started our marketing campaign to companies to see how important training staff is in their business when we’re itching to press the ‘Go’ button now!

This post refers to the last week in August 2017


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