Our Google’s Adsense Custom Search Ads program application story

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Our Google’s Adsense Custom Search Ads program application story

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As a way of lending a helping hand to individuals who maybe looking for a new job and to help bring in some advertising revenue we were keen to get job adverts up and running on CoursesDojo.

So like I’m sure a number of other applicants have tried in the past, we diligently applied to Google’s Adsense Custom Search Ads program as we had to request permission first:

Now, making sure that the form was active and would actually submit, from harsh experience I triple checked that it knew who I was with my logged in Google Account.  This part was rather fiddly as I filled the form and discovered it won’t submit. So if anyone else is applying, log out and then log in when you’re just about to apply otherwise you will end up retyping all the details as I did all over again.

The form itself was relatively short compared to other Program application forms that I’ve come across. You’ll find it at the end of this article.

You would think logging in would provide an advantage and save your poor fingers from yet more typing. Well, I logged in but apparently the form treats you as a stranger so I had to fill in all my contact information as well as my AdSense Publisher ID.

And then I wrote what I thought was a decent set of additional information notes; how we provide information to job seekers and job vacancies adverts would be complementary.

And I clicked on Submit.

Guess how I reacted when I saw this message:

They will reach out to me only if they can include me in the program!!!

Surely Google can bother to reach out and provide a decent customer service response of ‘Thanks for applying but here’s why you don’t qualify’ spiel? Last I read, they had a healthy profit margin and billions of spare cash. I didn’t even get an email confirming what I had filled out in the form.  Nor did I receive an application reference number.

I have a number of questions that I would love them to answer, including:

Did they really receive my application?

How did they judge the quality of my application form?

Do I have a better chance of winning the lottery than acceptance into the program?

Should I find a Googler who can help me get in, is that the secret?

Are they only interested in helping if your website has a gazillion GA page views a month?

Keeping my positive attitude in check, I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from them, fingers cross for the green light of course as that’s the only time I’ll hear from them. And if I don’t hear back from them, I will reapply. In the meantime, we’ll look for alternative ways of displaying job ads.

If you’re reading this and have been one of the lucky ones and are now in the program please share your secret with me!


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