What happened to etiquette when travelling by air?

//What happened to etiquette when travelling by air?

What happened to etiquette when travelling by air?

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Why do some travellers cause an absolute stink when they travel? And I’m not even talking about the kids!

Firstly, there are those pesky business travellers who like to queue jump and be first in line, first into the plane, first out of the plane and overtaking at passport control lanes. Known to me as the suited speedy lot.

Then, there are those passengers who have obviously flown before but have forgotten the sequence of events and actions needed. They are what I call the casual holdupers. These are the individuals that have waited in the passport queue for the last ten minutes and it’s only when they get to the front of the passport queue do they start looking through their pockets for their passport.

Then let’s not forgot the ‘heavies’. They unload at the security checkpoint. Out comes three devices. A forgotten water bottle. Liquids, coat, belt, loose change from pockets, stuff from their back pocket, camera bag, mobile phone, hand luggage and another hand luggage item. They then go through the scanner clutching their paper boarding pass and passport. Only to be asked to go back to put those items in a tray. Oh and they forgot to take off their boots so they beep through and are asked to take their boots off (while holding up the queue). Third attempt hopefully all clear. But lets not forget that when they board the plan, they stuff the overhead locker with more bags then they should have, oversized of course leaving no space for other passengers seated in the same row.

So there you have it, three examples of poor travelling by air etiquette.

And when travelling back from Berlin recently, we were all subjected to a lady who belittled her partner all the way in the presence of their six/seven year old. I happened to be sitting across the aisle from them and having lost my earphones days ago unable to block it out. Poor partner he was so embarrassed and brow beaten and their son looked like he was used to it. 🙁

Here are my short, handy travelling by air etiquette pointers:

  • No queue jumping (unless you have status)
  • Be polite and courteous to others
  • Be prepared and ready to act!
  • Give yourself time

And remember, we all want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. We’re in the same boat, oops, I mean plane.

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