How the HHonors loyalty programme inspires disloyalty

//How the HHonors loyalty programme inspires disloyalty

How the HHonors loyalty programme inspires disloyalty

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As a frequent traveller I fell into the habit of reserving the same hotel, easy, no surprises, simple. That hotel for me was the Hampton by Hilton hotel when I’m in Amsterdam (usually a minimum of two trips each month), booked online on with my Hilton HHonors membership number.  All that useful info, a marketeer’s dream come true, is stored and no doubt mined bŷ their product marketing team.


That’s the reservation made and now my expectations are that I will receive a wonderful personalised customer experience on arrival especially as I recognise who’s manning the front desk. That experience to be along the lines of this exchange:

Me: Good evening.
Reception: Good evening Ms. Miller, welcome back! I see that you stayed with us two weeks ago.  Would you like a room on the third floor again and pay again using the payment card that we already have on file for you?
Me: Yes please.
Reception: Here you go Ms. Miller. Your key to Room 328 and your receipt. Have a nice stay.
Me: Thank you, good evening.

Obviously, that was me in dreamland. Here’s how the real event happened time and time again:

Me: Good evening.
Reception: Good evening. How can I help?
Me: I would like to check in please. Reservation is under Miller for 4 nights.
Reception: Ah yes, here we are. I see you are a HHonors member, thank you. Would you like to pay now or later?
Me: now please.
Reception: That will be €442. (Pause to allow payment to be processed) Thank you. Would you like your receipt?
Me: Yes please.
Reception: In an envelope?
Me: Yes please.
Reception:  Have you stayed with us before?
Me: Yes!
Reception: Oh thank you. You are in room 410. Have a nice stay.

Reality and dreamland being a tad different!
What frustrates me the most is that they see I’m a HHonors member but don’t see how often I’ll stayed at their own hotel!! Surely taking good care of customers to encourage repeat business is part of the loyalty programme 101 lesson plan?
As this has happened on numerous occasions I have since decided to spice up my hotel stays by trying out other hotels. Sorry Hilton, you lost a loyal regular customer, I wonder if your loyalty programme will highlight that…

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