How do I make sure that people arrive on time and prepared to my meetings?

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Sensei was asked:

‘How do I make sure that people arrive on time and prepared to my meetings?’

After quiet contemplation, Sensei replied:

  • Always include a detailed agenda with your meeting invite including desired outcome(s)
  • Send the invite only to those that will add value to the meeting
  • Send the invite at least 3 days in advance to give people time to prepare
  • Make sure that you are at your meeting location at least 10 minutes before it is due to start
  • Start your meeting on time regardless of who isn’t there yet
  • When someone walks in late don’t stop or do a recap, simply acknowledge their presence with a ‘hello’ and continue
  • Finish your meeting on time, making sure that you have time at the end to recap on all meeting actions with owners and deadlines
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone for being there

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