How inkscroll came to life

//How inkscroll came to life

How inkscroll came to life

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What’s in a name? Well, everything really! Some of the best names are ones that do exactly what it says on the tin. Other just as good names have nothing to do with the product or service that they are trying to sell but have built up their brand value over a number of years.

For a Web 2.0 website, a good name is essential as normally the name (aka the company name) is the website domain name. Take Amazon or eBay as the perfect examples. Funnily enough they are examples of names nothing to do with what they sell – its only that they have become brand names that people now know what they are. Lucky for them as they started up in the early Internet days (Web 1.0) before the ‘bubble’ and finding the right name to register was easy. But today it’s a different story. It’s very hard to come up with the right name at a reasonable price as it seems that these days most of the Oxford dictionary words and combinations are already registered as a domain and are just waiting for someone to come along, negotiate $$$ or £££ (at the time of writing each £ is worth 2 x $), and sell it to you at a hefty profit.

I didn’t have £££ let alone £ to waste away on a website domain – at least not one that I could justify the spend on.

So how did you come up with inkscroll? I hear you ask?

Simple or so I thought it would be unless I actually started the exercise. I had the concept (the keywords and pictures) so I took those keywords and wrote down a number of associated words. Then I used a set of ‘tools’ to help me out.

  • Microsoft Word (yes! believe it!). At a press of a button I could find out what the synonyms and antonyms were for a certain word.
  • The English Oxford dictionary was invaluable to look up the roots of words. (a good ole fashioned book)
  • to read more about the history of a word and put it in context.
  • – one of many websites where you can purchase domain names.

Once I had a set of words, I then cross-referenced the word(s) against the domain checker.

My aim was to have a domain name which hadn’t been registered yet. Two domains that I had to have were .com and, anything else was a bonus. Why? I wanted to save on both time and money not having to negotiate and pay over the odds (this assuming that they were willing to sell in the first place). It’s amazing what’s registered and by whom. I spent over four hours trying various combinations and tried to keep within the theme of what the concept was all about. Here’s a taster of some of the words I came up with and my reaction / findings to them. This should give you a hint or two about my concept:

  • Libram (ole skool)
  • Keyholder (not a key chain)
  • AllAboutMe (selfish?)
  • Revolve (around what?)
  • Prisecure (privacy & security – really geeky!)
  • Vaultor (someone accessing a vault?!)
  • iLife (Apple have had this and for quite a while now too!)
  • 4Me (yuck)
  • Mine (hmmm… not the blowing up on impact kind )
  • Interact (no, its not a dating website)
  • Lorekeeper (would be and could be a great fantasy book title)
  • Openskies (areoplanes?)
  • Lockbox (argh! taken!)
  • Gatekeeper (negative?)
  • emedia (borrringgg – refering to the ‘e’)
  • Lorechest (what?!)
  • Deedscrolls (dead sea scrolls?)
  • scrollvault (so close.. free but I didn’t like the name much)

After scrollvault, which was very tempting as its domain is still free, I finally struck gold – well, to be more truthful, silver at the time. Drum roll please……….

inkscroll (domain names are case insensitive)

It’s growing on me and yes, it does have something to do with my concept. Five minutes later after using a credit card and being £120 poorer I’ve now registered the inkscroll domains. You can go check it out but there’s no website yet (one step at a time please!). It would have been rather stupid of me if I had publicly announced it before I knew that those domains were mine now wouldn’t it! It takes about 24 hours to make sure that the domains are yours and worth checking by logging into your domain management console normally provided free of charge by the domain seller and just typing it into a web browser to see what it comes up with.

One last thing… I think I’m going to go with inkscroll. Not InkScroll, not inkScroll, not Inkscroll. Why? Because I think that all lower case is different! And btw my favourite colour is blue. 🙂

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