How v1 was created

//How v1 was created

How v1 was created

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In the beginning there was the need to employ a graphics designer, spend hours explaining what the brief was, liaise with a website developer who rarely spoke the same language and after days and weeks with the help of some unknown programming language and code, some magic, hey presto a website was born and it cost a few £££. Some of us remember the days where 5 website pages were £1,000 each to develop!

Luckily the beginning past and nowadays we’re very lucky and quite demanding consumers as we expect to be able to do anything ourselves and instantly.

Here’s how we created in its current reincarnation:

  • The domain was bought cheaply via
  • Then we decided to host it on Media Temple, given what we saw was value for money. It had a easy-to-use interface (control panel) and comprehensive support pages that even our Chief inkscroller could understand. Even more importantly it had a 1-click application for WordPress. Yay!
  • While waiting for WordPress to install, we pointed the domain to Media Temple which was not as easy as we had hoped for using but the purchase (and future renewals) price was the number 1 factor so we stopped grumbling.
  • After installing wordpress (which was 1-click plus a few typing words and drop-down list selections) in 10 minutes we then went hunting for a theme, the look and feel of the website.
  • As a diversion we installed a few other useful (free) wordpress plug-ins just for fun and deactivated quite a few of them.
  • With the power of Google search, a few ‘free premium wordpress theme’ results were browsed through and a theme found!
  • The ‘Boldy wordpress theme’ from Site5 was chosen, the documentation was flaky but had a good active support forum and a review by Dennis Lambing helped through the ‘not-so-easy’ process.
  • And for the final touch we added our favicon.

The content and graphics took the longest to put together but what you see now is what we did all within 24 hours from start to finish!

The financial cost to us is ongoing monthly hosting and every other year-ish domain renewals.

We would recommend that the Boldy documentation be updated in a few areas, namely:

  1. website logo should be 291 x 51 px  (with transparent background)
  2. Home Slider images should be 960 x 370 px
  3. HomeBoxes images should be 274 x 101 px

We can also think of a few improvements to the theme without modifying the theme files directly (add more social icons, captcha image on contact form, change quote image, choose how many HomeBoxes to show) but when its free, we’re not complaining and in fact a double-thumbs up to Site5 for a great theme. Thank you.

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