Income rarely exceeds personal development

//Income rarely exceeds personal development

Income rarely exceeds personal development

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Flipping through a copy of Jim Rohs book, ‘7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness’ I noticed a line I must have underlined years ago – “Income rarely exceeds personal development.”

What does that really mean?

Well…if you’re enabling yourself to become more confident, a better communicator, or grow yourself in any, way, shape or form, the end result will likely be a growth in income. Although it might sound selfish, the more you spend on making sure that you’re happy, healthy and wise the better you’ll feel. And the better you feel the more attractive you’ll become. By being attractive you’ll gain more customers, more sales and eventually more income.

People like people that like themselves and take care of themselves. Staying late, skipping meals, neglecting to exercise, avoiding social settings and working while your sick because ‘business comes first,’ is not a way of life that will provide fulfillment. There’s absolutely no logical reason to suffer in the name of anything. Life is not about running yourself ragged so that one day you can enjoy your riches. Life is about enjoying the journey AND the destination.

If you come first, everyone else benefits.



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