inkscroll ltd D.O.B 11 Jan 08

//inkscroll ltd D.O.B 11 Jan 08

inkscroll ltd D.O.B 11 Jan 08

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Yup, the title says it all. I am now the proud owner, majority shareholder, director and chairman of inkscroll ltd. That’s a lot of hats. Try wearing them all in one go – I think I need a bigger head.

I took the easiest route. I used one of many websites available that offer company registration services. OK, it cost me £149 (including VAT). But I spent a total of 15 minutes. 10 minutes research and 5 minutes to fill an online form with basic details and payment details. By doing it this way it saved me time on filling in forms, writing (read ‘borrowing’) articles of association, the memorandum, share forms, company register, company seal, brass plate, non-trading statement and a whole host of other things including £50 worth of free company reports. The down side is that I have to remember to fill in annual returns to Company House….. (inkscroll is going to come in handy for this).
More importantly, I now have a matching company name to my website domain. 🙂

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