Is this the end of the book?

//Is this the end of the book?

Is this the end of the book?

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BBC News wrote this interesting article on ‘Is this the end of the book?’ Take a read…

Our opinion is ‘no, not yet and by a long shot, though Amazon would of course love you to think so.. (along with Apple and Sony and all the other e-reader device pushers).

The paper book will shortly stick around for a long time yet and we’re counting on it being around for our lifetimes at least. Yes, we are all being more mobile, more demanding by wanting instant gratification but there’s still advantages of the paper book, including:

  • easier to borrow
  • easier to read on the beach
  • easier to pass down from generation to generation
  • its more interactive when reading a bedtime story to your children
  • useful when on a plane while waiting for take-off and landing
  • who’s visited homes and checked out the book collection to form an opinion of their owners?!
  • paper books aids your imagination, you can grip the book tighter, dog ear the pages, bend the cover back (and grumble when it stays like that)

We’re sure you can think of some as well…

Bottom line? Nope the book will evolve just as it did to being painstakingly copied by hand to having machines do that for us, its just a different medium used but until prices drop and there’s a marked up differential between paper and its e-book equivalent we might just hang onto our books for longer.

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