Is two the magic number for a startup?

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Is two the magic number for a startup?

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At the moment I fall into the ‘one founder’ category which is particularly challenging as I have no business partner to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off, and share the ups and downs. On top of this, I’m not a web developer so I’m not really a one (wo)man band. A distinct disadvantage when trying to start up a Web 2.0 company!

However, I do have the second best thing. A great network of friends and colleagues. They provide the ‘other voice’ (not necessarily the voice of reason!), the blackboard and help crystallise a feature or usefully shoot down a thought in flames. 🙂

Looking at both Seedcamp and Y-Combinator application forms, they don’t seem to rate one man bands very much and prefer 2+ people. Oh well, I had better find myself a co-founder!

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