Is your business tagline memorable?

//Is your business tagline memorable?

Is your business tagline memorable?

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What is a business tagline?

A business tagline is a phrase that is easily understandable by all and encompasses what you do as a business and the values that your business represents.

Your tagline is important. Very important. Other people might call it a slogan. Whether or not you call it a slogan or a tagline – it complements your vision and mission statements.

When was the last time you said your business tagline out aloud? It provides a sense of purpose and everyone who you come in contact with should feel that they can relate and resonate with those words. This includes suppliers, customers, prospects, staff members, potential recruits and even people you meet while networking and at dinner parties.

If someone asks what do you do, you should be able to use your business tagline as a conversation opener. That means it has to be easy to understand by a complete stranger and interesting – hopefully it will get the conversation going and who knows, that person you’re speaking to might be your next employee, customer or supplier!

Your actions:

  • If you don’t have a tagline yet, create one – involve your team, get their input into the process. Take your time, a great tagline is going to roll off your tongue and it will feel right. You want it to be memorable – it’s a great feeling when someone introduces you to another and uses your tagline as part of the introduction!
  • Does the tagline explain what your business is and what it stands for?
  • Can everyone in your business repeat the tagline word for word?
  • Is your tagline on display in the office, visible to all visitors and staff as they walk in?
  • Have you got your tagline on your website and other marketing material?
  • Survey your customers to see if they know what your tagline is
  • Test out your tagline conversation opener at your next dinner party or networking event!

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