Effective: August 22, 2020

Is your data secure?

Yes. From owning, storing, transferring, accessing, backing up, monitoring, to testing & reviewing our security procedures, every aspect is covered to meet industry best practice standards and is legally compliant. Your security questions answered:

Is my data secured?

inkscroll takes data security seriously and invests in protecting your data. We put security measures and maintain policies and procedures to comply with required data security standards, and we continue to take all the necessary measures to improve our information security level. We share personal information with 3rd parties only per our Privacy Policy.

Who owns your data?

You are the owner of your data and you are ultimately responsible for it. We provide security functionality to protect your data. inkscroll shares your data solely based on our privacy policy and provides data to 3rd parties to help you manage your business and allow us to support your business needs.

Where and how is our data stored?

All your data is stored using DigitalOcean and the data is stored in the United Kingdom, allowing you to meet European regulations as no data is transferred outside the EU and is physically secured by trained and audited Security staff around the clock, 365 days a year.

Sensitive data is encrypted, using an AES 256 based encryption key.

Is the transfer of my data secure?

Your data is transferred with high-grade TLS 1.2 (https) technology. This is industry standard technology, used by everybody from Google to the big banks.

We limit the duration of inkscroll sessions and will automatically log you out of inkscroll after a certain time, and we only use secure cookies (which don’t store any personal information locally).

Who can access my data?

We have 3 types of parties that can get access to your data:

You and your network – you and your chosen network will have access to data items that you have chosen to share from your data vault. This will be accessible after securely logging to their account. You can control who you will share a data item with and who can view a data item.

Our staff – a small number of periodically trained authorized inkscroll personnel as defined in our security policy can gain access to your personal data. Any inkscroll team member doing so will be performing specific (audited) tasks on your request via our support desk or as part of our internal audits.

In some cases, based on your consent, data will be provided, per your request, to 3rd party service providers for specific business purposes (e.g. getting a quote for services).

Is my data backed up?

Our data centers back up your data at least once a day and your data is fully restorable within a reasonable time in the unlikely event of a problem.