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81-83 Fulham High Street, Fulham Green, London, SW6 3JA, Greater London, United Kingdom
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Born in 1971, Nicholas Hill is a modern thought leader and international trainer of strategic leadership and management development. Nicholas has trained thousands of delegates of corporations and SMEs at all management levels since 1996.
Our courses are devoid of PowerPoint. Instead, Nicholas Hill relies on his skills in training, mentoring, coaching, and facilitation. After two decades in the industry, he has a broad knowledge of leadership and management. Hence, he can facilitate your provocative group discussion.

Is Your Trainer Also a Team Leader?

Exemplary leadership trainers are also team leaders, who put theory through rigorous testing. Nicholas Hill is the leader to a growing team of twelve fiery staff. He has personally devised, adapted, and tested tools with his team, so you benefit from his first-hand experience.

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