Naming filenames is so important

//Naming filenames is so important

Naming filenames is so important

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This may seem a real trivial and a mundane thing but filenames are super important, especially if they are periodic files that need to be kept in sequence and referred back to. It will save you so much time if you do it right. A typical example of these types of files are financial information ones. This could be a profit & loss statement, balance sheet or even management information that is produced on a monthly basis. Using the right filename conventions (also known as syntax or format) will make sure that your information is correctly indexed and can be quickly found saving you minutes and hours.

To make sure that there is no ambiguity with representing months (as English like to state the day before month unlike the Americans) we recommend the following filename format convention so ensure that when the files are ordered they come out the right way:

CCYY-MMM-DD <whatever the file is>.ext


  • CC = century
  • YY = year
  • MMM = month in 3-letter abbreviation
  • DD = day of month
  • <replace what’s in the angle brackets>
  • .ext (the filename extension which could be .doc  .xls  .pages .txt etc)

Using the above filename syntax, naming actual files would become:

  • 2010-Feb-01 bal sheet.xls
  • 2010-01-Feb p&l.xls
  • 2013-Apr monthly MI.pages

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