Nearing the finish line of the day job

//Nearing the finish line of the day job

Nearing the finish line of the day job

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Over the last few weeks friends, colleagues and acquaintances have been kind enough to ask me how my new business is coming along as I edge closer to nearing the finish line for my current role.

One one hand, it pains me to have to reply that it’s practically on ice as I’ve had no spare time to squeeze it in. No headspace really other than the odd hour here and there. But on the other hand who was I trying to kid but myself that I could do it all!!

No spare time is the right answer as being the Chief Technology Officer of one of the most successful parking payments company in Europe it should be impossible to juggle both. The role is all consuming in order to do it justice (easily 12 hour days on average) and it comes down to the type of person that I am. I’m either in or out; there are no half measures or pretences, I would make for the worst actress ever.

However, in two weeks’ time, literally in 14 days, I’ll be swapping my CTO role for a new venture which I am very excited about in the learning & development space called CoursesDojo. But at the same time, I’m sad as I’ll miss my soon-to-be ex-colleagues from work. Who knows what the future will bring though!

The finish line for me is up ahead and well within my reach. All I have to do now is to keep moving forward and step over that finish line. Then I hope to catch my breath, quickly re-energise and move on closer to the start line of something new.

Let the countdown commence.

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