A new era dawns

//A new era dawns

A new era dawns

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I made it across the finish line! Had a lovely leaving party; in fact two as my team was based in different locations. On top of that a nice day with my fellow Board members and some senior colleagues checking out the sights of Amsterdam from the canals, lovely. The sun was out too! Amazing gifts too for which I am very touched by, the photo book was perfect and yes, I even weirdly liked the boomerang and whip!

So… the first week of embarking on my new venture full-time was… well, actually it was ten days as my last day at work was on a Wednesday and Thursday morning I woke up super excited to get cracking.

And I crammed loads of ‘stuff’ in; both on and in the business. Desk research for one. And, it was sooooo nice doing something with product and seeing quick results even if it was superficial on the look of the website.

I also took full advantage by lunching with others, having conversations over tasty food; 4 large meals in the space of 3 days. I need to do more exercise if I’m going to maintain those levels.

Current obsessions

What can we achieve before the end of July?

How unbelievably complex the UK educational industry is. And nearly falling off my chair on discovering we spend £2.4billion on training in 2013 and that was just touching the surface.

Am I balancing work and social correctly as I pulled a couple all day until 2am shifts.

Obsessing about the look and feel of the website as it’s quite poor at the moment.

Searching for that edge. That product feature that provides prospects and customers, value.

Funding. Researching the various options; equity to debt. Ooooo, Cryptocurrency.

Trying to pull together the beginnings of a process to process a potential sale win.

Surprisedly I naturally started putting a slide deck together that helps with forming what CoursesDojo.com will become (or not). Vision, mission, values and slogans – very hard stuff!!

Summing it all up: enjoying my freedom.

Score:  10/10

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