New Years Resolutions For Career Development In 2018

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The New Year is an excellent time to make changes in all areas of life, from personal and home goals to work and career development. The key is to stick with them. There’s no point making a resolution if you have no intention of working towards it. Nothing will happen over night. As always, it’s up to you to take positive steps in the right direction.

The trick to making New Year’s resolutions for career development 2018, is to make them achievable. Make sure you can feasibly get where you want to go, and can outline clear steps of how you will get there. Keep your resolutions within your control – you can’t make your boss give you a promotion, but you can pledge to work as hard as possible and then ask about the possibility.

You should also make your resolutions relevant to your career path and the direction that you want to take, and interesting to you on a personal level. You will need the passion to make these New Year dreams into reality. Your resolutions should be your own, but here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Have A Clear Out
The New Year is the time to take out the old and bring in the new. You need to make space for the positive chances that you want to make happen. Start by clearing out your desk, office and filing cabinets so that you have physical space. Next, organize and clear out your computer files and emails. This should also help to clear your mind ready for the year ahead.

2. Update Your Resume
Now is the time to update your resume with any new information and developments from the year 2017. Did you reach any new goals or gain any new experience? Did you take any new courses or gain promotions and responsibilities? Update your resume even if you don’t plan on getting a new job any time soon. It is good to keep it up to date.

3. Enhance Your Online Presence
Your online profiles and portfolios will also need some work. Upload new professional photos to represent your personality and professionalism, update your LinkedIn with any new developments, and make sure your social media pages still give out a positive impression. Take the time to add new business connections online and network with influencers in the social sphere.

4. Organize Networking Calender
Networking events may seem like a daunting prospect, but they can be a great way to meet influencers and industry leaders, develop new leads, and maybe even speak with future employers and get your name out there a bit. They serve a lot of purposes, and just like you should be looking to network online, you should be looking for real events to attend to cement solid connections.

5. Make Major Career Changes
This one will certainly not be relevant for everyone. If you are happy in the industry and job that you are in, then you will probably want to stay and put in your effort to try to gain traction and step up the ladder. If you are unhappy with your job or industry, then make 2018 your year to do something about it. Seek a new job, volunteer somewhere, or look into new industries that you can add value to.

6. Keep Learning!
Of all your New Year’s resolutions for career development this year, this is perhaps the most important. Keep learning! Research new industry trends to stay on top of your area, read a lot of book and blog posts, and think about gaining new qualifications and certificates to buff up your work skills. Consider what training courses would most benefit you in 2018 and sign up to them. No matter what your short and long term career goals, you should always be looking to gain knowledge and learn new skills.


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