Pioneering women in business documentary

//Pioneering women in business documentary

Pioneering women in business documentary

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Recently on a British Airways flight back from Atlanta, USA I happened to be browsing through all the documentaries and came across an interesting one about pioneering business women in Corporate America.

The cover image caught my eye and on reading that it was narrated by of Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife and ER) led to my high hopes. However, the documentary title was oh, so very weak. It was so unmemorable I had to look it up before publishing this article!  The documentary was called  ‘Makers’  (with Women in Business as a subtitle that didn’t appear on the British Airways screen). Surely, it was more deserved of a grander, catcher title that quite rightly should have drawn more attention to it like ‘Women trailblazers in Corporate America’ or ‘Pioneering women in business’?

The documentary was a useful reminder that women in business is still relatively new, it’s only been over 60 years and women have only had the right to vote since the 1960s. Change takes time for all of us. I did wish that the documentary was an hour longer with more in-depth interviews with the ‘top’ women of our time than the 30 second snippets shown. Interviewees included: Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi Co), Ursula Burns (CEO of Xerox), Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook, ex. Google COO). I wonder what got left on the cutting floor.

Personally, I am so happy I wasn’t born in either the ‘50s or ‘60s. Home making alone isn’t for me, I wouldn’t have had the slippers and ironed newspaper ready. 😉  Business has always fascinated me and I am grateful for those who have gone before, I’m sure that they were only doing what they feel right for their life in business. They and every other woman has certainly made it easier for me and others today.

My advice? Focus purely on forging your own path, be inspired from whatever and whomever energises you. Above all else be happy and have fun with what you do and have no regrets. And who knows, perhaps you too will feature in a documentary and take a place in the annuals of time.

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