Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

//Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

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Does anyone remember that episode of Friends where they are trying to get a sofa up the stairwell with Ross screaming Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! ?! Well, that scene always cracks me up.

Pivoting applies to business too and we shouldn’t be afraid of actually doing it even if it’s nothing like what you set out to do at the start.

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and that’s down to be being in a foxhole for a few weeks now, frustration slowly building up.

A quick rewind

I set CoursesDojo’s business strategy mission as ‘Discover its Minimal Viable Product before the end of 2017.’

Towards the end of October, I started getting concerned that I was making no headway. Explaining CoursesDojo to strangers was difficult. I stumbled over it, it didn’t roll off the tongue and it totally failed its elevator pitch. Every time I tried, I was cringing inside and made my excuses for a poor delivery. It felt that I was trying to push a large, heavy sofa up a stairwell on my own with my gut screaming Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! with my head thinking ‘but how?! $%#&.’

But luckily, perseverance held out (at least it feels that way now) and a breakthrough happened. All thanks to a couple of friends and plenty of strangers who kindly listened to me as I practised the CoursesDojo explanation on them.

I guess what happened was that the frustration build up reached a certain point and turned into creative energy. Suddenly, the light bulb came on ‘ding!’ and we pivoted. Now there’s is a glimmer of hope that we could actually achieve the mission.

Here’s what we’ve pivoted to

CoursesDojo is the what and how of learning. Think of us as the IMDB for Learning. I guess we would actually be The Learning Database or ILD.

This allows us to be flexible, cater for our different users and build a collaborative learning portal. We’re not EdTech. We don’t deliver courses, nor are we an online course platform, instead we love content.

And our income? I’m going for simplicity. Primary; advertising revenue. Secondary; sales commission on course bookings where possible.

Advertising revenue targets

£3 for November

£7 for December

£20 for January 2018

Will we get our sofa to the top of the stairwell? Well, the more users that visit CoursesDojo.com and engage with our content, tools and free products, the more likely we are going to achieve the mission.

Want to lend a helping hand?

Here are three ways in which your help with CoursesDojo.com will make a difference.

  1. Visit us and provide your feedback (the good, bad and ugly) to me
  1. Spread the word!
  1. Get in touch and become our subject expert volunteer in a certain field so we can be spot on and relevant with our content.

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    And to complement my Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! article, here’s that video clip from Friends:

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