Every Product Manager’s must have book

//Every Product Manager’s must have book

Every Product Manager’s must have book

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42-rules-of-product-management-book-coverWithout exception, every Product Manager must have this book within arms reach. There are no excuses!

And that must have book is 42 Rules of Product Management by Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen. It’s so good that they have released a second edition.

And I love the dedication:

This book is dedicated to all of the product managers who are passionate about bringing great new products to the market.

It’s a heavyweight in the wisdom it imparts. All packed in a lightweight volume. So very easy to slip into your laptop case too.

It’s a great reference guide, and I encourage it to be bought in the hard copy form so you can pick it up from time-to-time and flick through it to remind you what you should be thinking about.

Don’t have it? Get it now. I’ve even made it easy for you to purchase it from amazon.com.

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