13 Mar, 2011

ISA deadline countdown

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It's that time of the year again, March, the last month to make the most of our ISA allowance (assuming you are a UK resident of course). Have you used up yours yet?  Have you used any of your allowance? Remember growth is free from tax - yay! £10,200 is [...]

7 Mar, 2011

The ‘Get rid of credit card debt’ game

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Lets talk about debt. The expensive kind that we have all fallen into the trap of. Credit card debt. Yuck. Lets not forget that Credit = Debt. Not to worry, we're about to pay it all off. No-one is saying that paying off debt isn't easy, there are no shortcuts, there [...]

6 Mar, 2011

Debt vs. Savings

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It's really easy to rack up debt, in fact way too easy these days with every institution throwing you fantastic deals in front of you to encourage you to spend. 'Free' bank transfers on new credit cards, 'free' overdraft with your student bank account. Open a store account and get [...]

6 Mar, 2011

Hello fellow quillionaires

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I believe that individuals like you and me, should be able to manage our finances successfully ourselves without it being difficult and resulting in a headache. But to do so, we have to understand what we're letting ourselves in for,  the associated risks and what makes for common sense after [...]